This revelation came from one of the most startling conversations I ever had with God. It was over 17 years ago and I had been pastoring for over a year. I went through a very difficult transition and subsequently became disillusioned with the principle of accountability-covering. Here is the conversation….

Me: God, I don’t need none of these (slang term inserted here) over me. (I am real and transparent)
God: Ok, that’s fine. But remember this; the day you cannot be led is the day you are disqualified from leading.

God knows how to get you together REAL QUICK and be so short and sweet about it, Lol.
He went on to tell me that human frailty and fallibility does not negate His principles. If He (God) set it into motion, then it will always work when it’s being correctly worked. Let me encourage you today as a leader. Do not abort your leadership destiny because people fail. God is still on His throne. Move on to the next place and the next person(s) He has as your provision so that you are in complete alignment with Him. I asked Him to provide covering and accountability to me. AND HE DID. Pastor Joshua and Min. Latricia Kelly came along and scooped me up and have been watching over me ever since. God has someone out there for you that you can trust, IF YOU’LL TRUST HIM.
Pastor Darren E Butler Sr


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