Does the Picture Tell the Whole Story…?

Does the Picture Tell the Whole Story…?

I was looking at a picture I had taken and began some serious reflection. In the picture, my posture and countenance would lead you to inevitably conclude that everything is going well, I have no problems and even the moment captured by the picture is an accurate representation of the sum total of the entirety of my life. NOT SO. Because I knew factors about the picture BEHIND THE SCENES, I know nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, although I am smiling in the picture and presenting a posture of enjoying the moment and the circumstances of the picture, in fact I was not. I was just smiling because it was the nice thing to do. But I really did not enjoy the moment much less want to be where I was at the time the picture was taken. I PHOTOSHOPPED my disposition. You know what PHOTOSHOP is right? Technology that allows us to dress up a picture and present it to be something totally different than what it is.

Then it hit me. How many of us have PHOTOSHOPPED our lives? We’ve painted a picture that presents things to be that which is not accurate of the way things really are. Why do we do this? There are a host of reasons, some noble, some not so noble. But whatever our reasons, what is inevitably the effect? The denial of the truth, which is never good, which is never right. Now, I’m not suggesting nor advocating that you have to put all of your business out there. Some things about your life are to remain in the inaccessible vaults of privacy. But we should, perhaps must, be careful about the things we present about ourselves that have the potential to set into motion decisions, conclusions and the course of events that will impact us and others. For instance, a potential employee ‘PHOTOSHOPS’ their resume and credentials, leading an employer to believe they are the perfect candidate for said job. The employer hires the candidate. Sometime later a major incident takes place on the job that causes injury, damage and loss because the ‘PHOTOSHOPPED’ candidate presented themselves to possess skills, talents, abilities and expertise for the job which in fact they did not have. Subsequently, dire circumstances and consequences ensue for everyone involved.

There is a verse of Scripture that gives us grave perspective on this; “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes, and he is the one to whom we are accountable.” – Hebs. 4:13, NLT
In a world and culture where image has just about become an idolatrous obsession, to the point where truth is only valued to the extent it serves our purposes, be they good, bad or indifferent, it is time for us to recalibrate our convictions according to the verse above, and subsequently all of The Word of God. When it is time to present yourself, are you providing the unedited raw, authentic version? Or are you giving us the one that is PHOTOSHOPPED? God has the EYES to undress every stroke of the PHOTOSHOP’S PEN. It helps to remember that whatever picture we give to others, we give to Him too. Let Him do the PHOTOSHOPPING through the process of righteousness, rather than you do it through the pride of selfishness. His way is longer, more painful and difficult. But the benefits are invaluable and eternal. The other way is a shortcut, but it always costs more in the end, sometimes a price that is too high to pay.