Not Accidental, But Incidental…

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Judges 14:4
His father and mother didn’t realize the Lord was at work in this, creating an opportunity to work against the Philistines, who ruled over Israel at that time.

My wife and I were having a conversation with a dear friend of ours when he expressed his relief at our availability to assist him with a ministry project at the last minute. There was a turn of events that threw a ‘monkey wrench’ into his plans for this project. Subsequently, the resources he thought would be available to him were not and this development was last minute, seemingly not giving him enough time to recover. However, HE PRAYED (that is a revelation all by itself) and God led Him to us. It turns out, we were the ones that God wanted in the first place. When he expressed the relief I mentioned earlier, we realized that this is what God had in mind all along. Then the Holy Spirit birthed in me the revelation captured in the graphic at the beginning of this blog. The things that we consider to be ACCIDENTAL to what we want are actually INCIDENTAL to what HE WILLS! Wow!!

I thought about the verse above (there are many other Scriptural examples of this). Samson desired this young woman as a wife who was a national of the people group responsible for severely oppressiong his people at that time. Not only was the nationality an issue but the faith orientation of this group of people was completely diammetrically opposed to Samson’s faith as well. So his parents had grave misgivings and resistance to this. God had given Samson to them and he had a specifically-divine call on his life to deliver his people. Samson’s parents were given explicit instructions on how to guide Samson into this call. Because of that, they had certain expectations and wishes for Samson, especially whom he would marry. This event was ACCIDENTAL to what they wanted – it was not a part of the script, so they thought.  However, it was INCIDENTAL to what GOD WANTED – it was in HIS SCRIPT-what HE WILLED!

The lesson for us as believers to learn here is that nothing is accidental in our lives. God has it all planned out. And the things that we consider to be ACCIDENTS are merely INCIDENTS in His grand design for us. We just need to rest in the promising assurance of Romans 8:28 and be sure that we are keenly attuned to the leading of His Spirit through His Word, prayer, and obedience. This is how we will see the unveiling of His work in our lives as NOT ACCIDENTAL, BUT INCIDENTAL!


The Kind of Leaders We Need

“…For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” – Matt. 12:34b.

A leader understands their personal convictions are integrally and inextricably linked to their leadership philosophy and inevitably manifested in their leadership expression(s) and action(s).

The thoughts you sow reap actions; the actions you sow reap habits; the habits you sow reap character; and the character you sow reaps a destiny (adapted from a quote by Charles Reade). Now I go on to add, ‘the destiny you sow reaps an eternity’.

We need our leaders from all the sectors of society and culture to understand the critical times we live in and the critical consequences ineluctably linked to our thoughts, words and actions. We also need them to understand that our words, thoughts and actions cannot be conveniently compartmentalized for the sake of popular expediency of any kind under the delusion that there will not be any repercussions for the pursuit of that kind of logic.

Now, more than ever before, we need leaders to think, say, do, be and own their convictions, good, bad or indifferent and to courageously accept the consequences whatever they may be.

As a leader, I say my conviction is that “Righteousness exalts a nation and sin is a reproach to any people, Provs. 14:34”, and I will do my best to steward the leadership assignment that God has given me in that direction. May I invite each of us to pray for all of our leaders and that we seek the face of God that He would have mercy on us and restore us back to a place of allegiance, loyalty and love TO HIM first and everything that He says and requires of us….