He’s Where You Last Left Him…Roms. 10:21


He’s Where You Last Left Him…Roms. 10:21

Many of us have experienced, through observation and/or participation the time when a parent and a child are on a walk, journey, outing together or adventure together. The child is stimulated and intrigued by the many sights and sounds in the environment. Inevitably, the child wants to explore these things and subsequently wanders off from the parent. Eventually, the lure of the things that stimulated and distracted the child wears off and the child realizes they miss the parent. But the child is disoriented and not sure where the parent is. Additionally, the child may not have grown to the place developmentally where they are able to find their way back to the parent on their own. However, the parent (if the parent is a good one) has been watching this entire episode unfold. The parent’s gaze is fixed on the child and the child is never really in danger because unbeknownst to the child, they are within the parent’s reach. The parent, up to now, has not interfered because they wisely discerned that this instance is an essential experience in the child learning some lessons and subsequently growing, developing and maturing. The child now begins to progress through the stages of emotional, physical and mental anguish because they can’t get back to the parent. When the anguish reaches the point of being unbearable, the child cries out for the parent. Then the voice of the parent pierces the distress and despair now causing the child to refocus in the direction where they last left the parent. Looking in the direction of the voice allows the child to see where the parent is, the last place they left them. Then the child makes their way back to the parent, the place where they last left them. Their reuniting is wonderful, creating a memorable experience for both of them that will have a lasting impact on them individually and on their relationship collectively.

As it is in this instance of a natural parent-child relationship, so it is with us and our Father in Heaven spiritually. We start out with Him on a walk, a journey, an outing or an adventure. But something catches our eye and we become distracted and allured by the sights and sounds of the world. We wander off pursuing the exploration of that which seems for the moment to be of greater interest than our walk with the Father. The appeal of the allurement wears off and we realize that it really isn’t greater than what we had with the Father. Inevitably, WE MISS HIM. But we’ve wandered so far off, that we don’t know how to get back. Now the things that fascinated us to the point of straying are irritating us. We want to get back to where we were but we don’t know how. The anguish in our souls percolates to a point of torment and we cry out to the Father. Just then His voice pierces the distress, the despair and the darkness. We turn to the voice and realize the Father is at the exact place we last left Him; He’s at the last Scripture verse you read; He’s at the last gathering you attended; He’s at the last place of prayer where you humbled your heart to commune with Him; He’s at the last place of obedience that you turned from. HE’S WHERE YOU LAST LEFT HIM. And His voice is calling out to you through your desperate cry. Tune your ear and turn your heart to His voice. And that tuning and turning will show you where you last left Him. And His love, grace and mercy will empower you to begin your journey back to that place, into His waiting arms and pick right up where you last left off with Him. HE’S WHERE YOU LAST LEFT HIM. Go Back Now, HE’S CALLING AND WAITING…


Pray More, Say Less

KSA (Kingdom Service Announcement) To All Followers-of-Christ:

It is a good thing for us to engage in civic duties with political activism. However, the greater thing is for us to endeavor in Christian responsibility with Kingdom activation. May I remind us (MYSELF INCLUDED) that God has called us to embrace allegiance to Kingdom THEOTICS (my word and it means, “that which makes God tick; what He likes”) and not earthly partisan politics. Whether we like it or not, it is clear according to Psalms 115:3; Dan. 4:17, 25, 31-32; and Roms. 13:1-2, that the current Administration of these United States of America was Divinely-sanctioned to occupy office. (That goes for the nations of this world too!) Furthermore, we have clear marching orders TO PRAY for governing authorities, 1 Tim. 2:1-5.

Therefore, it is up to us to decide whether or not we will EXPEND MORE VALUABLE ENERGY in the FUTILE MOTION of COMPLAINING in line with our civic duties and rights, or, whether or not we will EXTEND MORE VALIANT ENDEAVORS in the FORCEFUL MANEUVER of CONTENDING ON GOD’S LINE with our Kingdom directives and responsibility which is TO PRAY. Prayer is the way we IGNITE Kingdom Activation. When we’ve prayed and heard from God, He shows us what to do in accordance with His Will to bring about what He wants to accomplish in the earth realm. Perhaps we would see God move in an incredible way upon and within the political landscape of our nation and our world, if we PRAY MORE and SAY LESS, Luke 18:1

Why Take A Risk, When You Can Have A Rib? Gen. 2:18, 21-23


Why Take A Risk, When You Can Have A Rib? Gen. 2:18, 21-23

Strange title, right? Let me explain….

Scripture reports to us Adam’s beginning “moments” on earth. (I say “moments” because technically time had not started in that the curse of death had not yet fallen. Anyway…) Notice, Adam was given responsibility – God put him to work; SISTERS, HE HAD A JOB FIRST. AND A HOME TOO, FOR THAT MATTER. Ok, I digress…

But as Adam is doing what he is supposed to do, God recognizes a need; He sees that Adam is alone. So, God prepares a helper, companion, and complimentary counterpart for him named Eve. How did God do this? He put Adam to SLEEP (there are times in choosing a mate, where you have to get out of the way and let God work…), doing surgery on him (while God is working for you, He is also working on and in you…) and took from him A RIB. God finished the surgery, closing the “hole” in Adam. Then He, God, brought to Adam, the one who represented a “whole” relationship, Eve. She was fashioned from A RIB, THEE RIB that God took from Adam. Dating and choosing a mate is often very ‘risky’ because of the multiplicity of unknowns involved. You really don’t know everything there is to know about the person whom, in the least you’re dating, and at most, whom you’re considering marrying. Even if you do ‘your’ due diligence, it is still very ‘risky’ business. But why take a risk, when you can have a rib? See, Eve wasn’t just any old kind of a mate. SHE WAS THEE ONE THAT GOD MADE FOR ADAM, FROM ADAM. She was ADAM’S RIB. She was fashioned out of a part from Adam – his rib. And God made her into the whole of what Adam needed. There were no options; there were no choices; this aspect of Adam’s (and Eve’s) life was not a multiple choice test. It was a finished essay, written by the God of Heaven. Adam and Eve did not have to wonder whether or not they were ‘doing the right thing’. They did not have to wonder whether or not ‘this is the right one.’ God removed all of the risk by providing THEE RIB.

When Adam saw Eve, he knew she was the one, because he was looking at HIS RIB. When Eve saw Adam, she knew he was the one, because she saw where she was THEE RIB he was missing. Brothers, why take a ‘risk’, when God has your rib? Sisters, why be a risk, when God has appointed you to be THEE RIB for YOUR Adam? If you keep God at the forefront of your dating and mating endeavors, you can eliminate the risk and have a rib.

Incidentally, the absolutely stunning and dazzling individual in the picture with me is MY RIB – Patricia K Butler