The Ministry of “Block” and “Delete”Beyond Social Media

The Ministry of Block & Delete Beyond Social Media – Isa. 43:18; Philips. 3:13; 4:6-7

To those of us who are active on Social Media, block and delete is familiar to us to say the least. And for some of us who are very active within Social Media, block and delete is an essential element of our activity on it. We block individuals for what we deem to be inappropriate behavior. And if the behavior is consistently objectionable, we delete them altogether.

But have you considered how “block and delete” works in your life beyond Social Media? This morning the Spirit of the Lord began to minister to me about blocking and deleting within the scope and context of LIFE. Specifically, He said to me, “Darren, you need to learn how to block some things in your life and delete some things in your life.” He brought the Scripture passages above to my consciousness. As I began to ponder them, I started to ‘see’ what He was saying and understand what He meant. When you study Philippians 4:6-7, especially verse 7, the assurance that Paul gives to the peace of God ‘guarding’ is akin to what we have in athletics in the way the officials manage a game. They manage, direct, control and adjudicate what is and is not allowed in the game. In other words, what is acceptable in the game, they allow – bless. That which is not acceptable in the game, they disallow – block. Through the peace of God, we bless and block, allow and disallow. Through the peace of God in our hearts, we decide what comes and goes, what leaves and stays. Specifically, this happens first and foremost in our minds and hearts, the control room within that determines everything we do, Provs. 4:23. In verses 6 and 8 of this passage, and other passages, such as Isa. 26:3-4, we are given the formula for how God’s peace comes – by keeping our minds focused on Him. So when you have God’s peace unconditionally and comprehensively at work in your life, you are able to block the things (and even some people) that want entrance into the space of your life that are not authorized to be in that space.

Then I saw the revelation behind delete. Some things (and perhaps people) need to be removed completely altogether. Isa. 43:18 and Philippians 3:13 opens this up to us. Some things happened in the past. But they are still imprinted in the recesses of your mind and spirit – harassing, troubling, tormenting, vexing, frustrating and hindering you – as you attempt to make progress and advance in life. God says DELETE THEM. Some things (and people) happened in your life. They were appropriate for the time. But their time to be in your life has expired. Now it is dead weight; old manna; old wine; meaningless rituals; sentimental allegiances; historical bondages; relationships that are based on retired obligations, but you’re holding on to them because of fear and low self-esteem. God says it’s time to DELETE THEM. Something things are not in and of themselves ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’. As a matter of fact they were good. They served a purpose. They may have even been a blessing. God may have even been in it! However, God has put His finger on them and for reasons within the realm of His sovereignty and providence, He has said they must go, their time is up. But you’re whining, lamenting, bemoaning, rationalizing and justifying holding on because, in this instance the truth is, it’s more about God’s Hand and not His Face. God says it’s time to HIT THE DELETE BUTTON.

God wants to do something NEW in, with, through and for you THIS YEAR and beyond. But you are not going to see it, experience it and get it, unless you are fully prepared and committed to His will to “BLOCK AND DELETE” as He leads. Don’t make the mistake of “Blocking and Deleting” the Move of God in your life because you would not “block and delete” that which is no longer conducive to the life and life more abundantly that He wants to give you.
SO, who and/or what do you have to “BLOCK AND DELETE”????