You Will See Why – Gen. 50:20

Church was very good today. We didn’t “jump over the pews” or “swing from the chandeliers” but the Worship and the Word was of great quality and substance. However, what took place after church was even more powerful. Through the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, I was able to minister to one of the young women of our church who is the Leader of a Uniquely-Headed Household. (I do not like the term ‘single-parent household’) I shared with her the approach my Mom, Mother Bernice Butler used to prepare us to be disciplined in church. The young lady was extremely grateful. I also shared with her some of the experiences of growing up in a Uniquely-Headed Household. And that blessed her as well.

Later on as I reflected on the event, I began to experience a release and freedom like I have never had before. The experience of growing up in a Uniquely-Headed Household was at times very difficult. At times it was awfully painful and painfully awful. One of the challenges was watching what my Mom endured to be unswervingly committed to raise 6 boys and 1 girl in a safe, loving and healthy environment. Many of the things my Mom did, I couldn’t understand. Sometimes I rued the stigma associated with this experience. But Mom, kept us going, often challenging us to ‘not be bitter because bitterness ties God’s hands’. Well, wouldn’t you know, when I shared with this precious young woman from our church the aforementioned experiences, it was priceless to see how it blessed her. Then it made sense. I would not have been able to minister to her the way I did, had I not gone through what I went through. My pain was for her profit.

Just like Joseph told his brothers, ‘you meant it for evil but God meant it for good, to save many people (Gen. 50:20), I can say that although growing up in a Uniquely-Headed Household should have broke me, IT BLESSED ME and In turn I was able to BLESS SOMEONE ELSE.

If you are the Leader of a Uniquely-Headed Household, take courage. Be careful and prayerful to let God lead, guide and direct you into the Glory He wants to get and bring out of your experience. And if you are the ‘child’ growing up or who has grown up in that reality, BE ENCOURAGED; God is going to make something wonderful out of your situation. And you will see why – how God takes what was meant for evil and brings out of it much good, to bless many people!

Pastor Darren E Butler, Sr


Unconditional Obedience

Unconditional Obedience
Then Ehud closed and locked the doors of the room and escaped down the latrine.
Judges 3:23 NLT
I have read the Bible through cover-to-cover, word-for-word, a number of times. It is a personal core value that I embark upon every year since the Lord instructed me to do it the first time in the year 2000. Some of those years I have read it twice within the year. Hence, I am engaged in doing it this year. I am so passionate about it, that I lead our church in this pursuit every year, doing so since 2001 in what is called our Annual Bible Literacy Campaign. So, it never ceases to amaze me that after having done this so many times, I still see things I didn’t see before. That is just how layered, exhaustive, extensive, expansive and multidimensional the Word of God is. Subsequently, imagine my surprise when the verse above jumped out at me as I was reading today’s installment of our Annual Bible Literacy Campaign. Having read the Bible through so many times, obviously I had read the verse before. But, this time, the Holy Spirit quickened new revelation and insight in me about this verse.
Ehud was one of the first Biblical Judges. They are individuals that God chose to lead and govern His people in the early stages of their occupation of Canaan. One of the functions of these Judges was to be the instruments of God’s deliverance of His people from the oppressors they were in severe subjection to. (Incidentally, that subjection was a consequence of their disobedience and apostasy.) This particular Judge, Ehud, at the leading of the Lord, assassinated the king that was leading the nation suppressing God’s people, setting into motion their deliverance from their oppressors.
Now here is where it gets interesting. When Ehud assassinated this king, (read the entire passage to get the context, Judges 3:12-30) the Bible says ‘he escaped down the latrine’. THE….LATRINE!! He escaped BY GOING INTO, DOWN, THROUGH AND OUT OF THE PLACE WHERE PEOPLE WOULD RELIEVE THEMSELVES!! When I saw the word ‘latrine’, I was struck at what this Judge-Leader-Servant had to go through in order to complete His God-given assignment. My imagination kicked in and I began to visualize what that POSSIBLY COULD HAVE BEEN. (We ARE NOT talking MODERN, 21ST-CENTURY PLUMBING HERE!!!) Then by the inspiration of God’s Spirit this is what I saw; GOD’S ASSIGNMENTS CAN BE VERY MESSY AT TIMES. NEVERTHELESS, NOTHING LESS THAN UNCONDITIONAL OBEDIENCE IS REQUIRED TO FULFILL THEM. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE REALLY READY TO UNCONDITIONALLY OBEY??
I believe God not only knew what Ehud was getting into, but He also knew HOW EHUD WAS GOING TO HAVE TO GET OUT OF IT. Did Ehud know going in? The Bible doesn’t say yea or nay. However, at some point it became clear to Ehud how he was going to have to get out of this part of the assignment in order to fulfill the entire assignment. Ehud had to UNCONDITIONALLY OBEY and fulfill THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT.
The question that arises to challenge each of us from this one little seemingly obscure verse is, ARE YOU REALLY READY TO UNCONDITIONALLY OBEY? In order to UNCONDITIONALLY OBEY God, you and I are going to have to UNCONDITIONALLY TRUST HIM. You may not like what God takes you to, how He brings you in and the way He gets you out. But rest assured, if you UNCONDITIONALLY OBEY AND UNCONDITIONALLY TRUST, You’ll come out on top.