“The Fallacy of Fear, the Forthrightness of Faith”; An Excerpt From Part 3 of the Sermon Series….

Read Exodus 14:10-15…

This passage reveals some key insights about managing fear and ultimately conquering fear. One of those insights is the recognition that fear often leads to panic. (And impulsiveness and carelessness as well) The children of Israel began to panic and say foolish things when they saw what appeared to them to be an inescapable trap. These same individuals who watched God personally, through the plagues, judge Egypt and bring about their liberation from bondage, are now complaining, while berating and accosting Moses because of fear driven panic. This was a trap alright but not for the people of God. It was for the Egyptians so that God could strike one more decisive and devastating blow against them. The Egyptians were being drawn in by God to exactly where He wanted them.

The next time you are tempted to panic because of the way things appear to you, remember God has designed your deliverance to simultaneously be your enemy’s destruction! DON’T FEAR!!!

An Excerpt from the sermon series titled, “The Fallacy of Fear, the Forthrightness of Faith”… 2 Tim. 1:7 – Pastor Darren E. Butler, Sr.