Welcome to Something Good To Talk About!

Welcome to Something Good To Talk About! with Pastor Darren E. Butler.

Something Good To Talk About! is the media ministry extension of The International Good News Fellowship, Inc. which features the ministry of our senior pastor, Darren E. Butler, Sr.

This expression of the ministry will feature the literary ministry expression of Pastor Darren presenting Biblically-based writings on thoughts inspired by the Holy Spirit.  The intent of this blog is to challenge the readers to reach for, move to and connect with God’s great purpose for their lives and the entire world.  Please note, ‘Good’ does not necessarily mean a pleasant, happy, euphoric feeling, which is often the connotations and inferences with which the word is often used in our culture.  Rather, it refers to the ultimate expression from God’s point of view of what is right and best for mankind.  Subsequently, there will be times when the subject matter will be hard-hitting, provocative, challenging and perhaps not a ‘feel-good’ expression.  However it is this blogger’s intent, to the best of his ability, to present that which will ultimately be right and best from God’s perspective for humanity.  Like medicine at times, it may not be pleasant but it is ‘Good’.

This is Pastor Darren with Something Good To Talk About!